28 May 2015

Frederic Dorizon - Tankwa Town

Tankwa Town
(Chronicles: Small Appointments of a Great Journey Volume II)
Frederic Dorizon
The Unknown Books
36 pages, 150 x 230 mm
digital printing
edition of 40, numbered
8,00 € + shipping

"Tankwa Town is lost in the Karoo desert, Northern Cape Province of South Africa. Each year for a few days several thousands of people meet there for the AfrikaBurn participant-created movement. Tankwa is the Afrikaburn's temporary and magic town of art, theme camps, costumes, music, performances and burns. Welcome to Tankwa Town.

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26 May 2015

Nic McInturff - This Decadence Is My Home Vol. I

This Decadence Is My Home Vol. I
Nic McInturff
36 pages
Digital printing
£9 plus shipping.

"This book sheds light on what I have unintentionally taken for granted. Who would want to see the northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia? I've asked myself this question time and time again and after many trips across this land I've realized, there's relevant beauty no matter where one resides. This is not the road. This decadence is my home. - Nic McInturff"

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Christian Reister - Alle Katzen Grau

Alle Katzen Grau
by Christian Reister
Edit by Calin Kruse and Christian Reister
80 pages, 20x15cm (7.8x5.9 inch)
offset black/white print, open thread stitching
handmade silkscreen printed cardboard cover
self-published in may 2015
edition: 200 numbered copies
28,00 Euro + shipping

"Berlin by night. A report on a town that seems to have succumbed to a state of everlasting party. The leftovers of the feast: contented one man parties, non-starters, collaterate damages of the need to be entertained. Intimate insights on the fringe and the calm after the storm."

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John Menneer - Plain Vanilla in The Town of Love

Plain Vanilla in The Town of Love
by John Menneer
Softcover, Saddle stitched
32 pages + cover, 210 x 148 mm, ca. 8.27 x 5.83 inches
31 black and white photos
High-quality Fuji Xerox digital printing, 120 gsm off-white gloss
1st Edition: 100
$6.00NZD (~$4.60USD) + shipping

"Plain Vanilla is a short photozine of places in the small provincial town of Te Aroha, New Zealand.
An excerpt from the photozine: ...The photographs are of ordinary places, with ordinary beauty, taken as they happened to be. Many of our chance happenings in life are just like that: ordinarily beautiful. In a town with a name that translates to mean “place of love” where else would you expect to find such a sweet kiss of plain vanilla…"

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13 May 2015

Simone Donati - Hotel Immagine

Hotel Immagine
by Simone Donati
Graphic design: Emanuele Poli
Afterword: Daniele Rielli (Quit the Doner)
14.8 x 21 cm (5.8 x 8.3 in) Hardcover, 128 pages
Type of printing: offset
Edition: 750
Price: €32

"From politics to religion, going from music, sport and television, between 2009 and 2015 Simone Donati crossed his country in search of myths and icons of the Italian contemporary imaginary. This project provides a glimpse into the Italian society with an ironic but also purely documentary look. The resulting book contains a selection of 48 images with the addition of phrases taken from Facebook groups of the various situations photographed. There is also an afterword by writer Daniele Rielli (Quit the Doner), which besides giving an opinion on the subject also comments on the Facebook phrases."

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Andrea Boscardin - 9 The Nineborhood

9 The Nineborhood
by Andrea Boscardin

Cover: Francesco Igory Deiana
Editing: Andrea Delle Case 
Layout and print: Paolo Bazzana.
 92 pages black&white, 24cm x 16,5cm (9,4 x 6,5 in)
Cover: offset (poster 44cm x 20cm). Inside: digital printing, perfect bound.
Edition: 100 copies numbered, published on September 2014 by Rumore Nero (Italy).
Price: 20€ + shipping

"...to notice the existence of boys and girls sitting around, without wondering too much what being young in an outskirt of Milan could be..." -Arianna Sanesi.

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Honey Salvadori - The Goddess Process

The Goddess Process
by Honey Salvadori
24 colour pages 15cm x 21cm
Digital Printing; Saddle Stitched
Edition of 100
Price: £7.50 plus postage

"The Goddess Process tells the story of Olivia Robertson, High Priestess of Clonegal Castle."

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12 May 2015

Nico Baumgarten - How the other half lives

How the other half lives
by Nico Baumgarten
92 pages, 21,4 x 25,2 cm (8.3 x 9.8 inch)
Printing: duotone offset on Heidelberg Printmaster 74
Binding: saddle-stitched half-linen hardcover
Edition: 1000
29 € + shipping

"How the other half lives" is a critical comment on contemporary society. From the stray cat's perspective. In interviews they share their street wisdom, talking about freedom, anarchy, discrimination and loneliness."

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Chloë Alexandra Sugden - Sisters

by Chloë Alexandra Sugden
28 pages, A5 (21x15 cm, 8x5 in)
Digital printing
Edition: 100
Pirce: $10AU plus postage

"Sisters is Chloë’ Alexandra Sugden’s first publication, a collection of portraits, moments shared with friends that speak to trust and intimacy. Chloë is an emerging Australian photographer and the founder of Maia Łódź, an international artist residency program for photographers in Poland."

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11 May 2015

Jason Shechtman - Your Hang-Ups Follow You Like Shadows

Your Hang-Ups Follow You Like Shadows
By Jason Shechtman
Design: Max Fisher and Jason Shechtman
42 pages, 7.125” x 10” (18.1 x 25.4 cm)
Digital Printing, Perfect Bound, Diecut Cover
Numbered Edition of 300
Includes a signed, stamped, numbered archival inkjet print
Price: $30 US, $35 Canada/Mexico, $45 Worldwide (includes shipping)

“In Lisboa, I passed solitary people on the street and began to wonder what they were thinking about, on what reverie they drifted, who they were missing, what secret they were keeping… What were their hang-ups? I thought about objects and places, and the meanings and memories that people assign to them. And then I sought to make photos around the city that captured this longing, this loneliness, these mental and emotional obstacles and associations that most likely are never told, let alone understood by others.”

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09 May 2015

Hester Scheurwater - Sybille

by Hester Scheurwater
34 pages, softcover Zine
A5 14.78 x 20.99 cm / 5,8 x 8,3 inch
full colour
Edition: 100 signed and numbered
Price: €20 + €5,75 shipping

"she: i saw your work, liked it very much (i see it as an invitation for "lets talk openly and freely ) and wondered what i would write to you if i wrote you. the thing that came was: i would like to be your model on one of your projects. would you like to do some work with me as your model?
me: yes."

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Elaine Pessoa - Tempo arenoso

Tempo arenoso
by Elaine Pessoa
Published by Olhavê
19 x 26 cm size, 50 pages, 18 photos
500 copies, signed and numbered
Offset printing, pólen paper
Price: $ 25 + Shipping

"Tempo arenoso (Sandy Time) was constructed by ideas and concepts that involve the questionings of how we see time, of how we believe that time can fictionalize our gaze. Stepping away from a linear narrative, the essay treats the landscape as a thought; it is about the dilution of physical time into the contemplative one, of time captured by photography and converted into memory."

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Flavia Renz - MIRA! MIRA!

by Flavia Renz
Design: Max Schachtner & Moriz Oberberger
28 pages, 37,5 x 52,0 cm / 14,7 x 20,4 inches
 digital offset printing
Edition: 19
Price:13€ + shipping

"A photographic work on three aspects („descargar", „esperar" and „pinchar") of everyday life in Cuba from 2011. These very subjective captures of the status quo of 2011 in the country was beautifully edited as a newspaper, made in collaboration with the graphic designers Moriz Oberberger and Max Schachtner."

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Fábio Miguel Roque - South

Fábio Miguel Roque
44 pages, A5
Perfect Bound, HP Indigo Print
Cover - White offset paper 300 gr
Inside - White offset paper 170 gr
Edition of 50, signed & numbered
12,00 € + shipping

"Imagine that you are a photographer, an artist...
Imagine that you go through a year that completely changes your way of looking at life itself.
Imagine that you go to the South for a period of time, reading Henry Miller and taking pictures...
The result is this book."

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06 May 2015

Sabine Schründer - EVA-04

by Sabine Schründer
Text: Heide Häusler
Design: Sven-Lindhorst Emme
Editing: Sabine Schründer
Hardcover, 20,5 x 27,5 cm, 72 pages + text inlay 8 pages
Offset printing
Edition: 200 copies + 50 copies special edition
Price: € 45,- 
Special edition with plastic plate & fine-art-print numbered and signed: € 130,-

"Eva-04 is many things at the same time, an expedition to and reflection on a foreign mindset. Created in Japan in 1998, so at some distance from a Western European home, the work formulates basic ideas that question the socio-psychological location of the individual in society. Japan was a good place for Sabine Schründer to approach an idea of the individual by photographically exploring the sensitive nexus of individual and group, of group and society". – Heide Häusler

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01 May 2015

Tim Lane - Anima Mundi

Anima Mundi
by Tim Lane
Concertina book when fully unfolded extends to over 5 metres (16 ft) long – folded down it is approximately A5 and fits into a bespoke made hardback slipcase (5 x 21 x 2.5 cm).
Published by Book Works.
£160 (Delivery to UK address (Special Delivery) : £10 // Delivery to non-UK address (International Track + Sign) : £15)

"The title Anima Mundi is derived from the Latin phrase for ‘Soul of the World’ and represents the intrinsic connection between all living things. The layout of the book evades any finite ending as the viewer creates layers of mystery that reject the notion of a linear narrative; in turn the viewer is given ownership of their own personal narrative as they interact with the work."

29 April 2015

Javier Gastelum - All that is solid melts into air

All that is solid melts into air
by Javier Gastelum
40 pages, 37,5 X 52cm / 14.7 X 20.4 inches
digital offset printing
Edition: 50
25€ + shipping

"All that is Solid Melts Into Air links the two global cities Frankfurt and London. Aspects such as the development of information technologies, globalization and cross-linking complicate the reading of social processes in an urban space. The rejection of the idea of a endogenous space leads to a crisis in which the urban topography still exists but is increasingly replaced by it's own image."

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Joseph Charroy - вилково

by Joseph Charroy
22 photographs + one watercolour by Florence Cats
44 pages 150X200 mm
digital printing on recycled paper
12€ + shipping

"An evocation of the small town of Vylkovo in Ukraine through found photographs, portraits of anonymous characters, and pictures taken in the street of the town during the summer 2013."

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26 April 2015

Julie Hascoët - MURS

by Julie Hascoët
44 pages, 170 x 235 mm
digital printing on recycled paper
edition of 100

"Murs de l'Atlantique draws a panorama of the Breton territory (a region in North-West of France) and suggests a visual dialogue between two specific phenomena: the remains of the Atlantic Wall (blockhaus, bunkers) and illegal techno parties."

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Pascal Anders - Podmoskovye

by Pascal Anders
144 pages, 84 images
13 x 20 cm, 5×8 inches
First edition of 100 copies
Color Offset printed

"Podmoskovye features images from the Moscow suburbs made with surveillance cameras."

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23 April 2015

J.H. Hardcastle - Blood Rites

Blood Rites
by J.H. Hardcastle
Published by Cold Green Tea Press
28 pages, 17.78 cm x 13.87 cm (7” x 5.5”)
high-quality monochrome laser printing, hand sewn
1st edition of 50 copies
$13 + shipping

“These photographs were taken on my family’s ranch in Texas, where hundreds of antlers hang in neat rows as the trophies of long-dead hunters and a measure of the years.” --J.H. Hardcastle

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Roc Herms - < YO >< YO >< YO >

< YO >< YO >< YO >
by Roc Herms
Edited and designed with Eloi Gimeno
96 pages, 34x23cm
Offset printing
Edition: 1000
Price: 20€ + shipping

"For super-users —digital natives that make computer technology a way of life and who are often classified as the new urban tribe of the geeks— computers are much more than just a device for work, they are an extension of their identity and the digital ecosystem where they decide to live. < YO >< YO >< YO > sets out a journey from the plug into the computer, with the intention of portraying this kind of super-user along the way."

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16 April 2015

Peter Oey - Autumn in Paris

Autumn in Paris
by Peter Oey
Softcover, Saddle stitched
28 pages + cover, 105 x 148 mm
Indigo press, 80 gsm recycled + 170 gsm recycled
€10,00 + shipping

"Perfume yellow cold
The metro circulates warmth

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14 April 2015

Line Bøhmer Løkken - Kastepåstikka

Angle 4°, Kastepåstikka
by Line Bøhmer Løkken
24 pages, 14,8x20 cm
Booklet, saddle stitched
Offset print
ISBN 978-82-92224-16-8
Edition of 360
€ 11 / free shipping

"Kastepåstikka or Pitching pennies was a sure sign of spring. We played on gravel as soon as the ice and snow had melted. I vaguely remember the brown coins."

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12 April 2015

Tammy Mercure - The Quarter

The Quarter
by Tammy Mercure
10 pages, 127mmX 177mm (5"x7")
Inkjet printing
Edition: 30
$24 + shipping

"There is no place in the world like the French Quarter in New Orleans. This book contains ten portraits of people who inhabit this area."

11 April 2015

Anders Mortensen - Not yet remembered

Not yet remembered
Anders Mortensen
289 x 380 mm, 48 pages
Edition of 12
40 dkk / 6 eur / 6 usd

"Collection of personal photographs shot with different analog cameras between 2005-2013"

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10 April 2015

Ekaterina Solovieva - Kolodozero

by Ekaterina Solovieva
36 pages
230 x 150 mm
Edition of 50, numered
black & white digital print
8,00 € + shipping

"All who come to Arkady’s home in Kolodozero, or to his church for the service – they are all running away, somewhere or from something. From the urban noise or weariness, from the absurdity of life, from themselves, from their former selves, from their sins or wrongs. Arkady himself is a fugitive, more than once he has said that he was here, “because I am weak, the strong are able to leave.”

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05 April 2015

Matthias Kümpel - 38,6° - a tale

38,6° - a tale
by Matthias Kümpel
60 pages, 18cm x 18cm (7in x 7in)
digital printed on matte, 100# (148GSM) paper
linen hardcover with dust jacket
limited edition of 39, numbered
38,60 EUR (+ shipping outside germany)

"A tale told by 55 black&white photographs. All photos where taken on journeys to South East Asia between 2012 and 2014."

03 April 2015

Peter Oey - Sagrada

by Peter Oey
A handcrafted single signature, pamphlet thread stitched booklet.
Softcover, 32 pp.,  14 x 19 cm
Inkjet printed
Inside 120 gsm uncoated Biotop
Cover 160 gsm MI Teintes
120 gsm Kraftliner colophon inset
Signed & Numbered Edition of 44
€16,00 + shipping

"These are pictures from an old mirror. It is 1991 and Barcelona resides in it's pre-Olympic year. The community is aware that social shifts will occur. The city looks in the mirror for the last time."

01 April 2015

Toru - Technoland

by Toru
28 pages, 140mm x 210mm (5.5in x 8,3in)
Black and white laser print on iceland 80g paper
Edition of 30
5,50€ Spain / 8€ International (shipping included)

"A lot has happened since the first electro music parties in Germany and Detroit and still today, is the heart of many people around the world. Toru shows us one of the many experiences he has with this type of festivals. Xum-Xum-Xum..."

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Montserrat Baches - Baches

by Montserrat Baches
Published by Olhavê
15 x 20 cm size, 48 pages, 26 photos
Offset printing, pólen paper, hotstamping cover
500 copies, signed and numbered
Price: $ 25 + Shipping

"The desire to understand the subjective documental image is not a direct or assertive process about something we see. Baches meditates upon intersections of human relationships. It all happens in one single environment with people who do not think about speaking for photography."

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Ezio D'Agostino - Alphabet

by Ezio D'Agostino
designed by Treterzi
published by Skinnerboox
56 pages, 23,7x32 cm
Offset printed
250 copies
28,00 euro + shipping

"An intensive research conducted in 2011 on Le Forum Des Halles in Paris before its renovation."

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31 March 2015

Juan Miguel Ramirez-Suassi - Calle de La Canción del Olvido

Calle de La Canción del Olvido
by Juan Miguel Ramirez-Suassi
36 pages, 150 x 230 mm
black & white digital print
Edition of 50, numbered
8,00 € + shipping

"Calle de la Canción del Olvido, a series that evolves as years pass by as well as this suburban street also evolves, its beginning and the end: a ritual gaze among the ruins."

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Silvia Renda - Maps of mere existence

Maps of mere existence
by Silvia Renda
40 pages; size 21 x 27,9 cm
Indigo press; cardboard cover with silkscreen
Edition: 35 numbered copies, self-published
Price: 25 €

"A mental and emotional map of a few square meters of Albergheria district in Palermo (Sicily). We witness people passing by as actors in a private, daily theater where nothing, yet everything happens. Emptied of almost all of its usual meanings, the urban landscape may sometimes reveal abstract shapes — a sort of 'cartography of asphalt'."

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New: the Anamorphosis Prize for the self published photo book

Leave it to Anouk Kruithof to celebrate the independent, the adventurous and the irreverent spirit of self publishers of photo books. Submissions are free, the jury is sharp and the rewards are generous. Go see for yourself and enjoy the GIF party at The Anamorphosis Prize!

NB. Submissions to The Anamorphosis Prize should NOT be sent to The Independent Photo Book blog, but directly to the jury in New York!

29 March 2015

Julia Borissova - Address

by Julia Borissova
Self published art book
Hardback embossed, thread-stitched binding
112 pages + 6 transparent pages
155mm x 210mm
Digital print

Edition of 100, signed and hand numbered
55€ + shipping

Special edition of 25 includes one print 20x15 cm
120€ + shipping

"It is a deeply personal work based on my growing up in one of the districts in St. Petersburg, Russia, and it is some kind of meditation on my private relationship with the past. Urban environmental documentation in the compilation with some snapshots from my family archive, drawings and collages gives me a possibility to analyze and bridge a gap in my personal history."

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27 March 2015

Tommaso Parrillo - Ungrateful Heart

Ungrateful Heart
by Tommaso Parrillo
60 pages, 21x14 cm
indigo print
limited edition of 100, signed
price: 12 euro

"By analyzing the projection of oneself in an interpersonal relationship, it is evident that the sphere of affection, often in opposition to intellectual activity causes: empathy and reminiscence of the past itself generate a sense of ingratitude. The use of photography comes as a remedy to the pulverization of the lived."

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26 March 2015

Daniel Mayrit - You Haven't Seen Their Faces

You Haven't Seen Their Faces
by Daniel Mayrit
Published by Riot Books
Number of Pages: 101
Size: 25,5cm x 17,5cm
Limited edition of 350, signed by the author
€ 38 + shipping

"These are the faces of the 100 most powerful people in city of London. Use these images at your own discretion."

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25 March 2015

Karen Isaac - Friendly Neighbors

Friendly Neighbors
by Karen Isaac
Design by Kevin McCaughey
28 pages/ 10 x 12.5 in (25.4 x 31.75 cm)
2 color blue/black riso print
published by NONPOROUS
$10 + shipping

"Friendly Neighbors is a collaboration between photographer Karen Isaac and graphic designer Kevin Mccaughey, documenting the menacing world of American property owners. Paranoia is alleviated through the exhibition of misanthropic imagery that litter estates nationwide."

20 March 2015

Various Artists - Cracking Twigs

Cracking Twigs
by Various Artists
photographers: Emilio Barillaro, Richard PJ Lambert, Fabrizio Musu, Fabio Miguel Roque, Mariya Ustymenko
A5, 36 pages
high quality offset digital hp indigo, black&white
edition of 40, hand numbered
6 € + shipping

"Five photographers lost in their cities"

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17 March 2015

Mike Nelson - Flight 001

Flight 001
by Mike Nelson
24 p, 6 X 9in, 15.2 X 23 cm
Digital printing black/white, saddle stitch
edition 55, signed and numbered
$7 + shipping

"This zine is a visual journey of aviation from the ground and inflight."

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16 March 2015

Arthur Drooker - Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal
by Arthur Drooker
With an introduction by Gary Schnitzer
40 pages, 8.25" x 10.75" (21 x 27 cm)
Digital printing
$25, plus $5 shipping within US

"Heavy Metal is Arthur Drooker'€™s first self-published monograph. Its subject is Schnitzer Steel'€™s massive recycling facility in Oakland, California. As the first photographer allowed on the premises, Drooker became an urban explorer discovering an uncharted industrial landscape. His 18 color photographs of stacked cars, compressed radiators, and other recyclables show the singular beauty he found in the mass of consumption."

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14 March 2015

Christophe Le Toquin - Éléments d'une typologie de l'urbanisation contemporaine d'un village français de deux mille huit cent trente neuf habitants - Vol #6

Éléments d'une typologie de l'urbanisation contemporaine d'un village français de deux mille huit cent trente neuf habitants - Vol #6
by Christophe Le Toquin
24 pages, 18 x 24 cm
Digital printing
Edition: 50
15 euros + shipping

"This book is the sixth in a series of 10 books about a French village. After the evocation of vegetation in volume #1, water in volume #2, public places and equipment in volume #3, typology of networks in volume #4, fences and boundaries in volume #5, volume #6 is dedicated to housing and residential estates with a text by Philippe Ayrault, photographer and playwright."

13 March 2015

Fábio Miguel Roque - Border Line

Border Line
Fábio Miguel Roque
44 pages, 230 x 150 mm
black & white digital print
edition: 20, signed & numbered, with a print (10 x 15 cm)
10,00 € + shipping

"The sea level and erosion of the coastline, are one of the biggest problems of our century. The problem is that most of us do not think of solutions to stop it."

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12 March 2015

Mariana Rocha - chat noir

chat noir
by Mariana Rocha
22 pages, 20,4 x 28,6 cm // 8,03" x 11,25"
tintoretto paper 95 grs
monochrome laser print
hand stitched
1st edition: 100 numbered copies
Price: 10 eur + shipping

"paris, novembre "14. je suis un chat noir. 
je perds toujours mes choses. et mes choses sont perdus pour moi." 

Ryan Oskin - Dreams Catalog

Dreams Catalog
by Ryan Oskin
32 pages, 8.25 x 5.25 inches, 20.95 x 13.34 cm
 Edition: 100
Type of printing: Digital
Price: $6 + shipping

"Dreams Catalog consists of an artist book and objects that focuses on my interest in stock imagery, personalized goods, and craft. The book serves as an index of objects and source material that Ryan Oskin created using found imagery from an auction catalog. In addition to the catalog, he translates stock imagery into personalized items for both home and office use.

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Matteo Ross - Family Party

Family Party
Matteo Ross
19 pages, A5
21cm x 15 cm, 8.2 in x 6 in
Xerox, Colour and Black and White
€5+ Shipping

"My first Zine "family party" aims to produce a simplistic yet captivating snapshot of the lives of a group of teenagers living and studying in London. You may find their lives surprising or you may find it incredibly mundane either way this is how it is and so thats how i like to show it."

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02 March 2015

Juan Santos - Napolae

by Juan Santos
Design & layout: Juan Santos
21 x 13 cm size, 20 + 4 pages
Digital laser color print
Cyclus paper 115 grs. (100% recycled)
Price: 10 eur + shipping

"Naples is a whole world, and if you try to photograph a whole world, you will be doomed to failure. With just one camera from another time and a film about to disappear, I took it upon myself to photograph a slice of that world while exploring it like a traveler. A city that was not buried but slips through your fingers. A city that disappears in every corner to rise again like the one thousand colors mystery called Napule. Juan Santos"

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01 March 2015

Rogier ten Hacken - Muteness

by Rogier ten Hacken
A5 size, 16 pages
B&W laserprint
edition of 30, numbered
Price: 12,50 euro + shipping

“It doesn’t matter where I am because I always feel strange. A kind of uncomfortable. I went out into the country and looked at it thoroughly. Photographing intuitively what attracted my attention or reflected my emotions at a certain time. Sometimes I was drawn to a specific place or I just came across it by chance. The days passed by and I found a muteness in them.”

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Louise Taylor - Shoot!

by Louise Taylor
Published by Wideyed Editions
Design by Louise Taylor & Catherine McArdle Design
96 pages, 150 mm x 105 mm / 6 in x 4.5 in
1st Edition, 75 copies numbered and signed
Digitally printed and handbound with shotgun cartridge closure
£40 + shipping

"Shoot! is a documentary project following a small pheasant and partridge shooting syndicate in County Durham, North East UK. The book was created to accompany the exhibition, 'Shoot!' installed at Durham Art Gallery as part of 'The Social:Encountering Photography', and incorporates 29 photographs and 12 game recipes."

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