14 April 2014

Matt Botwood - Into the Darkness

Into the Darkness
Matt Botwood
26 pages
Edition of 100 (signed and numbered)
210x148mm / 8.3"x5.8"
Digital Printing
£6 plus shipping

"A journey into the seemingly monotonous, lifeless world of a forestry plantation in the Brecon Beacons. Challenging my fears and discovering the secrets hidden within the forest."

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Gary Benson - Six Pictures

Six Pictures
Gary Benson
6 pages
Edition of 25
Black & White Laser
£1 plus shipping

"'Six Pictures' is a miniature book containing six pictures taken over two days in March 2012. The images are scans from contact sheets and are otherwise unpublished."

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11 April 2014

Iain Sarjeant - Regeneration

Iain Sarjeant
34 pages
Digital printing
£8 plus shipping

"Leith is the port and waterfront of the city of Edinburgh, and like many similar areas in other cities it has undergone major redevelopment in recent years. The landscape has a strong industrial and historical feel, but dramatic regeneration has seen office blocks, shopping complexes and luxury flats radically change the skyline. For me, this contrast makes it a fascinating place to wander and observe – a landscape of constant change, with diverse architectural styles and building types alongside open areas of land in transition. This series of photographs, taken between 2010 and 2013, aims to explore the effects of these rapid changes on the landscape of Leith."

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09 April 2014

Julia Borissova - Running to the Edge

Running to the Edge
Julia Borissova
58 pages + 24 pages special section + 1 inserts and 1 booklet
 printed on 3 types of paper
21cm x 16cm
Digital Print Edition of 100, signed and hand numbered
60€ + shipping
Special edition come with unique slipcase 20 signed copies
200€ + shipping

"In my book I turn to archival photos connected with the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the first wave of emigration after it. Combining old photos and flower petals I destroy the original images of people in the photographs and make them anonymous. I explore a way of creating content around the photos through their physical presence as objects, connecting them with natural elements, thus highlighting their temporality. The concept of this work is fragility and disappearance."

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S.A. Robinson - Sit, Stay, Good Dog!

Sit, Stay, Good Dog!
S.A. Robinson
28 pages
148 x 210mm
Numbered edition of 100
Archival inkjet printing / hand assembled
£9.50 (inc UK postage)

"‘Sit, Stay, Good Dog! features photographs of dogs waiting for the return of their human. Some wait outside in the rain, one waits in a car and one waits on a stool in a bookies."

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08 April 2014

Ben Gancsos - Wherever I Walk, Vol. 1 - Mostly Midtown

Wherever I Walk, Vol. 1 - Mostly Midtown
Ben Gancsos
28 pages
Edition of 50
B&W Laser Printed
$10 + $4 s/h in the US

"Wherever I Walk is a sporadically published, ongoing series of sidewalk photography zines. Each volume is based around a theme, geographic location, subject, or some other common thread. Volume 1 is from Midtown NYC."

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Verónica Fieiras - The Disappeared

The Disappeared
Verónica Fieiras
32 Pages
20 x 29 cm/ 7.9 x 11.4”
Second Edition: 150

"This is a book that deals with the vanishing of memory and defines the identity of absence. Symbolically, while images retain their graphic memory, they gradually dissolve and distance themselves from their original presence, while generating a transparency that can be added to other faces. "

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Vitus Saloshanka - high hopes

high hopes
Vitus Saloshanka
Edited by Celina Lunsford
Text by Daniel Schierke
96 Pages, 53 Photographs
22,5 x 30 cm, digital print
January 2014
First edition 150 copies
Price: €39 + shipping

First 30 copies as Special Edition in a slipcase with print

“high hopes” is the result of a three-year critical study of Sotschi, the city that is to host the past Winter Olympics, and of the process of transformation and change that has taken place there over the past years.

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06 April 2014

Mário Venda Nova - To all my beautiful demons

To all my beautiful demons
Mário Venda Nova
36 pages, 148 mm x 210 mm
Editon: 39
Black & white digital print
Price 5 € + shipping

"To all my beautiful demons, is the personal reflection on the failure of intra family relationships, an intimate and introspective vision of events that occurred in the beginning of 2011."

03 April 2014

Tammy Mercure - Mary

Tammy Mercure
32 pages
5 in x 7.5 in/ 12.7 cm x 19.05 cm
Edition: 50
Digital- Indigo, Pamphlet stitch
Price: $16 plus $4 shipping

"Does the past ripple to the present? Mary (2014) tells the tale of the elephant hung in Erwin, Tennessee, in 1916. The book contains photographs, screenshots, and historic documents."

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Various Artists - Hungry Still

Hungry Still
Various Artists
Curators: Maria Teresa Salvati, Federica Chiocchetti & Louise Clement
Designed & Printed by: AKINA FACTORY, Valentina Abenavoli & Alex Bocchetto
Printed on Fedrigoni Arcoprint Milk 120gsm
Cover on Sirio Color E20 Denim Black 290gsm
ISBN 978-0-9553538-8-8
212 pages, size 15x21cm
Price: £28 + Shipping costs

"Hungry Still is a special photo-cookbook that combines photography and food so deeply that it creates a completely new multi-sensory experience. The most talented photographers that contributed to the Slideluck London platform, since its inception in 2007, have been invited to revisit their photo-stories, reflect and provide us a recipe that is intertwined with their photographic stories. HUNGRY STILL includes the artists’ photo-stories and related recipes, connected through the photographers’ most personal, intimate, and sometimes fun, anecdotes."

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02 April 2014

Mateusz Sarello - Swell

Mateusz Sarello
88 pages
172 x 207 mm / 6,7 x 8,1"
edition: 350 copies
offset printing
32 euro

"'Swell' is a story of a break-up and of unaccepted loneliness. About memories that we can't forget. At first it was supposed to be a documentary project about the Baltic Sea. A plan was drawn up and the places to be visited were marked on the map. During the trips to the Baltic I was accompanied by my girlfriend, until the moment of our parting. The parting changed me and I was no longer able to continue the project according to previously designed plan. I started going back to the places where we were together. Here the project ends, and a personal story begins."

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01 April 2014

Marcin Grabowiecki - Indian Summer

Indian Summer
Marcin Grabowiecki
76 pages
16 x 21 cm / 6,3 x 8,3”
Edition of 300, numbered
Offset printing
10 euro including shipping worldwide

"Even though the photographs included in the book come from different periods, they are linked by a common, nostalgic mood. Regardless of the passage of time, we remember summer holidays in a similar way. Time influences the shape of our memories, and it doesn’t spare photographic materials, exposing their fleeting nature mercilessly."

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31 March 2014

Amit Desai - Dear God

Dear God
Artist: Amit Desai
Publisher: Stephen Cheng
Hardcover books in outsized folio, 7 volumes, 488 pages, box size: 46.5x50.7.5 cm, books: varying sizes
Price: 649USD + shipping

"DEAR GOD is the second major work in the trilogy about America made by artist Amit Desai during his ten years on the road in the United States between 2001-2012. The collection combines Amit’s poetry with found photographs to form a series of seven modern illuminated prayer books depicting the journey from dark to light. The poems are printed with a variety of techniques, such as stenciling, hand writing, and photograms, and each is then collaged with photographs, photocopies, and ballpoint pen drawings. The first part of the trilogy, America Sutra, was published in 2012 and is a photographic journey through the United States; the third part, Songs of the Road, is a soundtrack of original text spoken and sung by the artist and will be released later this year."

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30 March 2014

Christophe Le Toquin - Éléments d'une typologie de l'urbanisation contemporaine d'un village français de deux mille huit cent trente neuf habitants - Vol #4

Éléments d'une typologie de l'urbanisation contemporaine d'un village français de deux mille huit cent trente neuf habitants - Vol #4
Christophe Le Toquin
24 pages
18 x 24 cm
Edition: 50
Digital printing
€ 15 + shipping

"This book is the fourth in a series of 10 books about a French village. After the evocation of vegetation in volume #1, water in volume #2, public places and equipment in volume #3, we discover, in this volume, the typology of networks!"

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28 March 2014

Sarah Kastrau - Phenomena

Sarah Kastrau
24 pages
148mm x 148mm/5.83" x 5.83"
50 copies
digital print

"Phenomena is an exploration of the fine line between reality and illusion, a collection of things that may or may not be real."

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24 March 2014

Clara Bahlsen - Töchter

Clara Bahlsen
64 pages
281mm×375mm / 11.06”×14.76”
edition size 300 copies
€ 42

"The work Töchter (Daughters) deals with the question of origins and family, and their individual significance for biography and identity. The work is underpinned by the correspondence between constructed »house« sculptures and the portraits of young women. In both artistic positions, interior worlds are revealed."

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Chris Leskovsek - Øbservations Nº2

Øbservations Nº2
Chris Leskovsek
40 pages
A5 (148 x 210mm / 5.8 x 8.3in)
Edition of 50 (Signed and numbered)
Digital on uncoated stock
$12 + Shipping

Øbservations is a bi-monthly selfpublished visual journal about the city, the culture, the people and their behaviour. Every edition deals with thoughts, and statements that the photographer makes about society. All of this work takes place in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Emma Phillips - Salt

Emma Phillips
40 pages
Edition of 500
Printing: Offset
$39 aud + shipping

"Salt is a poetic exploration of and tribute to Australia’s monolithic landscape."

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18 March 2014

Erik van der Weijde - Third Reich

Third Reich
Erik van der Weijde

14x20cm / 5.5x7.9"
edition size 700 copies
€ 25

"This book shows a collection of black-and-white photographs of buildings and structures erected during the Nazi period throughout Bavaria, in southern Germany. Erik van der Weijde sought out and photographed Hitler Youth headquarters, schools, government buildings, bridges and tunnels, private houses, SS barracks, factories and many other sites."

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Alessandro Calabrese - Thoreau

Alessandro Calabrese
80 pages
Edition size 200
22,00 eu + shipping

"Alessandro Calabrese’s work is inspired by the writings of Henry David Thoreau, especially 'Walden, Life in the woods', a manifesto about the relationship between man and nature which has permeated the entire American culture and environmentalist."

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Bownik - Disassembly

120 pages
305x240 mm / 12'' x 9.5''
offset printing
30 Euro / 40 $ + shipping

"The main role here is played by flowers, which the authors disassembles into parts using DIY tools and then reassembles in possibly unchanged form. For deconstruction purposes Bownik uses glues, adhesive tapes, ropes, precisely measuring the distances between the leaves, noting them in pencil on the leaves themselves and photographing them. The resulting images, informed by the still-life tradition, perfectly imitate and evoke that which has been subjected to a destructive process."

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16 March 2014

Verena Blok - I Smell Like Rain

I Smell Like Rain
Verena Blok
75 pages (with 3 seperate booklets inside)
251 x 334 mm
150 copies
price: 45 euro

"I Smell Like Rain takes place in Mazury, a rural area located in the northeast of Poland known for its many forests and lakes. As a child I spent all my summers there in a small village and became well acquainted with Natalia, a 12-year old girl. Since her mother’s absence she has been living with her father and four older brothers at home, and remains the only female in the household. The book consists of 3 little booklets that are hidden between the pictures. Through the booklets the viewer is able to see Natalia's struggle of trying to maintain the relationship with her brothers."

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10 March 2014

Hristina Papadopulos - The Aphrodite of Milos

The Aphrodite of Milos
Hristina Papadopulos
Color Xerox Print
24 pages
14.8 x 21 cm

"This booklet consists of collages containing analog photographs that I took during my visit to the beautiful Greek island, Milos. The booklet also contains several pages of old Greek books that I have collected. The Aphrodite of Milos, better known as the Venus de Milo, was discovered on 8 April 1820 on the island of Milos. Created sometime between 130 and 100 BC, it is believed to depict Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty."

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05 March 2014

Darren O'Brien - Anywhere But Home

Anywhere But Home
Darren O'Brien
20 pages
Digital printing
£5 plus shipping

"When traveling it is always the differences between the current and previous country that become the focus of my attention. Differences in culture, differences in food and differences in lifestyle. I always imagine what it would be like to live there; to actually take the plunge and move, leaving everything behind and make it home. These thoughts leave an uneasy feeling buried deep within me. Part excitement, part apprehension and part fear. It was this idea that I explored when visiting Poland. The resulting collection of photographs explores my associations with home, the similarities and the subtle differences. This is not a visual record of Poland as a country, merely my brief experiences within it - Darren O'Brien, 2013"

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Valérie Anex - Ghost Estates

Ghost Estates
Valérie Anex
84 pages
19.5cm x 26 cm
First Edition of 400 copies
Offset printing
28 euros + shipping costs

"When the Irish housing bubble burst in 2008, activity on building sites suddenly stopped. Until now, the Irish landscape is still covered by thousands of unoccupied houses. Whilst in the past, ghost towns were abandoned ones, the ghost towns of today have never been inhabited. Valérie Anex turns her camera towards the walls, the hedges, the fences and the advertising signs of these vestiges of wealth."

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03 March 2014

Florian Reischauer - Pieces of Berlin 2009-2013

Pieces of Berlin 2009-2013
Florian Reischauer
Book, 208 pages, 17,5x21,5 cm / 6,8x8,4 inch
Edition: 1000
Printing: Offset
Price: 27 € + shipping

"Pieces of Berlin is a project by photographer Florian Reischauer, which started as a blog in 2010. While in recent years, Berlin has come to been regarded as a fashionable city and international hub for artists, Reischauer presents a non-idealised image of the German capital. The book features portraits and short interviews with average residents of Berlin and paints a humble image of the city."

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01 March 2014

Zach Hoskin - Artificial Perfection

Artificial Perfection
Zach Hoskin
56 pages
6" x 8.5" (15cm x 22cm)
First Edition of 115 copies
Digital Printing
$20 + shipping

"A collection of photos and a few words, that explores all of the angles, equations, lines, geometry, networks and systems that make up an urban day-to-day."

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Egon Van Herreweghe & Lara Dhondt - Elective Affinities #2

Elective Affinities #2
Egon Van Herreweghe & Lara Dhondt
71 pages
Edition of 71
Xeroxed, silkscreened cover
15 euro + shipping

"The second edition of Elective Affinities is a collaboration between Egon Van Herreweghe and Lara Dhondt according to the principles and resources as defined in the first edition. Elective affinities started of as a collaborative project with Jasper Rigole inspired by the Mnemosyne Atlas of the German art historian Aby Warburg. The setup is plain and simple: we instal a temporary workspace in a public space where we collect, combine and reproduce pictures from newspapers and magazines with a photocopier."

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27 February 2014

Giuseppe De Mattia - I resti del viandante

I resti del viandante
Giuseppe De Mattia
40 pages
20x30cm F
irst Edition of 100 copies
Indigo printed
15,00 eu.

"But it is especially the way in which the photographs are combined that strikes the viewer: their assembly. The way a rocky declivity on the coast, cursed by remains is combined with an anatomic fragment, a nude shoulder, covered by moles. Assembly: lets go form the mottled rocky walls to the skin, the coetaneous layer, the photo sensible film of a body similar to the astronomical map of a far away galaxy."

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26 February 2014

Stephanie Noritz - Somewhere Else

Somewhere Else
Stephanie Noritz
84 Pages, 8x11 inches, 20.32 x 27.94 cm
Edition of 150, signed and numbered. 
Digital Printing

"Shot across the Western Hemisphere, spanning from Central America to the American West and Northeast, Somewhere Else is a jaunt into the essence of place and form. The images are defined by a delicate aura of seclusion, drawing the viewer into a place that is at once immense and contemplative."

25 February 2014

Vincent Delbrouck - Some Windy Trees

Some Windy Trees (The Himalayan Project - Part Two)
Vincent Delbrouck
40 pages
24 x 32 cm (9,4 x 12,6“)
First edition of 500 copies Color Offset printed on rare uncoated paper, with red sewing and back-cover hand-titled by V.D. with his red marker
30 EUR + shipping

"'Following the success of his book As Dust Alights, Delbrouck has now published a further instalment of his series of photographs made during several long stays in Nepal. (…) his portraits of trees have the meditative qualities of a Robert Adams picture. But there is another side to this Belgian artist that’s more streetwise and neurotic, something that shows in details such as the title he writes on each book himself, reminding us of his earlier work made in Havana, more raw and punk with a sprinkle of the Stones’ I Can’t Get No Satisfaction that makes this publication all the more exciting.' (Sebastian Hau - FOAM magazine)"

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20 February 2014

Pascal Anders - Raymond La France

Raymond La France
Pascal Anders
222 pages
13 x 20 cm, 5×8 inches
First edition of 25 copies
Color Offset printed

"The France that I wanted to photograph is the one that I come from, that of the Tour de France, of roundabouts and small villages or medium-size towns, with small industrial or urban areas that all resemble each other and are seldom photographed."

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19 February 2014

Marco Cechet and Giovanni Mazza - Falco

Marco Cechet, Giovanni Mazza
64 pages
17 cm x 24 cm
digital print, black and white
99 copies limited edition, numbered and signed
25 EURO + shipping

"Falco is a book that has come out as a result of a previous photographic experiment. For a period of 10 months two artists took shots with a folding bellows camera with which they had doubts whether it would work."

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17 February 2014

Calin Kruse - Schmetterling

Calin Kruse
Photo book
64 pages, 14 x 20 cm, open thread stitching, 2-color-printed dust cover
200 numbered copies
20 €

"Sometimes, unexpected things happen""

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11 February 2014

Jason Rusnock - Solar Power

Solar Power
Jason Rusnock
18 pages
21.6cm x 21.6cm (8.5 x 8.5in)
black and white laser
$5.00 USD + shipping

"Light and time are photography’s most fundamental elements; light and shadow create form, and time determines their recorded values. Through manipulations in the photographic process, these images captured on film are presented in ways unique to the medium. They illustrate details both seen by the human eye, and those seen only by the camera."

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09 February 2014

Elena Ayllon - Northlands

by Elena Ayllon
Soft cover, 18 pages
11,5 x 15 cm
Hand-sewn binding
Limited edition of 25
Eur. 5.00

"Northlands is a little zine about the mountains and the snow. You can find my work in the North of the country in midwinter with a 35mm camera and a special collaboration with Japanese artist Sakura Sato."

Helen Jones - The Heat Takes It Down

The Heat Takes It Down
Helen Jones
Pine Island Press
34 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 in
First edition of 50
color solid wax ink
hand-sewn binding
Price: $12

"This collection of photographs looks for mystery and beauty in the relationship between people, the spaces they inhabit, and the surrounding landscape. It features a letter-pressed cover and index of image titles."

07 February 2014

S A Robinson - Te Ika-a-Māui

Te Ika-a-Māui
S A Robinson
56 pages
135 x 190mm (5.5 x 7.5 inches)
Numbered edition of 100
b/w digital

“‘Te Ika-a-Māui‘ (The Fish of Maui) is the Maori name for the North Island of New Zealand. The photographs were taken in various locations throughout the North Island between 1991 and 1995."

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04 February 2014

Marco van Duyvendijk - SMA Negeri 1

SMA Negeri 1
Marco van Duyvendijk
32 pages
16,5 cm by 20,5 cm (6.5 inch by 8.1 inch)
Edition: 500
Type of Printing: offset, full colour
Price: 17 euro including shipping (20 euro outside the Netherlands)

"SMA Negeri 1 is nowadays one of the leading Senior High Schools in Semarang (Indonesia). The school was built in Dutch colonial times as a Dutch High School and the building hardly changed its appearance since it was built in the 1930s."

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02 February 2014

Tito Mouraz - Open Space Office

Open Space Office
Tito Mouraz
Texts: Carlos Vidal & Tito Mouraz
28,5 x 37,8 cm
44 pages
500 copies

"Prepare to be taken down to the deep, dark recesses of the manmade megalith that is the industrial rock quarry. Turns out it’s not actually as spooky and soot-filled as we might imagine – in fact it’s a thing of wonder, full of infinite ladders, sunlit stone facades and pools of liquid turquoise. Open Space Office is a series of landscapes, which portray the existence of man as a constructive, reconstructive and contemplative being. Representing a reality that suffers an ongoing daily process of rapid transformation. It is dialogue between the nature and man’s action, between harmony in a texturised cutting and what develops in it."

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31 January 2014

Joseph Wilcox - Power Places

Power Places
Joseph Wilcox
Staple Bound Zine
32 pages
Edition of 100
19.7 x 13.3cm, 7.75 x 5.25 in
Color Laser
$10 US / $18 International (shipping included)

"The word Huldufólk translates to hidden people, who are said to inhabit the lava fields, stone piles, boulders, and hills of Iceland. These enchanted spots are called Álagablettur, or power places, and they offer the secretive and dark landscape the Huldufólk require. Tales point to the Huldufólk protecting humans who respect their domain. But they are also territorial, and are known to defend their homes from human intrusion. The Álagablettur of Iceland are places of an ancient struggle. These photos are a documentation, a record of what remains of history, and the proof of the Huldufólk's continuing legacy."

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30 January 2014

Mohammadreza Mirzaei - What I don't have

What I don't have
Mohammadreza Mirzaei
Curated by Terry Adkins & Luca Nostri
Designed by Filippo Nostri
Book, 2 volumes, 32 pages, 16 photographs and a story
Softbound softcover
Size: 148x210 mm
First edition: 100
Price € 20,00

"This book features a story and a photo series both happening at the same time and in the same place, but in two different artistic grammars."

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25 January 2014

Rasha Kahil - The White Room

The White Room
Rasha Kahil
36 pages
23 x 17,5 cm
edition 100, numbered and signed
Digital printing

"'The White Room' is a limited-edition self-published book which compiles a series of photographs taken in one sublet room in Berlin. The intuitive compositions express a dream-like state of yearning, documenting the relationship of the artist's own body interacting with random objects found around her temporary habitat, as well as subtle portraits of anonymous figures traversing the space. 'The White Room' is the artist's 3rd self-published book, and the first in a new series within this format."

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Amit Desai - America Sutra

America Sutra
Amit Desai
Publisher: Stephen Cheng
Softcover books in slipcase, 7 Volumes, 928 pp., 20x20.5x11cm, 8x8.25x4.25in
Price: 70 USD

"America Sutra is a photographic project by Indian artist Amit Desai made on the road in the United States during the first decade of the 21st century  The work documents the people and places he encountered on his ten year journey, which grew into a metaphysical exploration of the American Dream.  Shot on 35mm, 120 medium format, Polaroid and digital, along with handmade collages and drawings, the seven volume set is his first published work, and the first in a series of three projects made during this ten year period; the other two projects will be released later this year."

24 January 2014

Nelson d'Aires - Erosão

Nelson d'Aires
Edition: 350 copies
76 pages + poster print
22cm (L) x 30cm (H)
Price: 15€

"Nelson d'Aires started this work first by the title "Erosão" (Erosion) in 2011, shortly after Portugal had signed with troika the Memorandum of Understanding. The photographic territory began in 2012, the year when the Portuguese people began to feel the abrasive effect of austerity, that near the sea suffered the impact of erosion, sovereignty and the democratic responsibility associated to the effects and the responses to the Euro zone crisis. Individual project by Nelson d'Aires for the collective project DR 2012."

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23 January 2014

Lucia Nimcova - Animal Imago

Animal Imago
Lucia Nimcova
Book, 24 pages, 20 images, 24x36cm
Binding: Hard-cover
Edition: 500
Price: 19 EUR

"Animal Imago is Nimcova's fourth publication, this time around, departing from social and documentary topics, finding herself publishing a book for kids of all ages. The book is dealing with our relationship with animals and nature around us. „In essence, it speaks to the idea that the reality of the world around us is never a given, it is something we have to create“."

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Erik Schubert - How to Win Friends and Influence People

How to Win Friends and Influence People
Erik Schubert
Published by Lavalette, 2013
Artist book
88 pages
Edition of 250
$55 Signed
$125 Special Edition with print

"Borrowing an infamous title as the starting point for his first artist book, Erik Schubert considers how our appetite for success shapes our visual world. His photographs depict lonely interiors, defective products, and studies of ephemera culled from expositions, infomercial sets, and the family home. Schubert’s photographic exploration of the corporate vernacular elicits a dark humor, of fruitless desperation. Pre-packaged business attire, scuffed carpets, and uncanny corporate tableaus paint a portrait of an underlying irony — a world built on reputation and charisma, at the edges of catastrophe."

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Stefano Vigni - Derive

Stefano Vigni
Publisher: SEIPERSEI
Edition: 300 copies 
Color and b&w, IT/ENG
17×24 cm, Hardcover, 128 pagg.
Print: Offset
Price: € 25
ISBN 9788890744532

"DERIVE (Drift) is a collection of photographic reportages concerning the social and environmental issues in Italy between 2008 and 2013. It chronicles the lives, hopes and dreams of Italian people, a journey through the social unease in which many Italians are forced to live during this time. The material was completed in 2013 and first published December 2013 in the book Derive."

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22 January 2014

Various Photographers - Printed Web #1

Printed Web #1
Featuring new work by Joachim Schmid, Penelope Umbrico, Mishka Henner, Clement Valla, David Horvitz, Chris Alexander, Benjamin Shaykin, &, Christian Bök and Paul Soulellis, and texts by Hito Steyerl and Kenneth Goldsmith.
Published by Paul Soulellis / Library of the Printed Web
64 pages
Newsprint publication
30 x 36 cm (11.8 x 14 in)
Edition of 1,000

"Printed Web is the first publication devoted to web-to-print art and discourse. Featuring 64 pages of new work by artists who use screen capture, image grab, site scrape and search query."

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