20 October 2016

Jonathan Levitt - Mawooshen: Life & Landscape of the Maritime Archaic

Mawooshen: Life & Landscape of the Maritime Archaic
by Jonathan Levitt
200 pages, 8.375” x 10.75”
Offset printing
edition of 300, includes four-color lithograph signed on verso

"Among the islands and coastal mountains of Penobscot Bay in Maine, Jonathan Levitt uncovers a mythological ecology of place— a map of the uncanny."

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19 October 2016

Eden Lai - Monochrome

by Eden Lai
40 pages , 210 x 297 mm
Black and White Laser printing
Edition: 20
Price: 600 twd ( approx USD19)

"Eden Lai's photography is a continuing process. It's about collisions between the unexpected and obscure. His photographs collect the resonance of my inner self, containing a mix of memories and curiosity in a daily dose."

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Michelle Abadie - In and Out of the Venice Biennale

In and Out of the Venice Biennale
by Michelle Abadie
48pp, 148mm x 205mm (approx)
Inkjet printing, hand bound
£20 plus delivery

"Photographs of Venice and its Biennale. The desaturated and saturated images represent the lack of response of the eyes’ iris as the visitor moves in and out of Venice’s bright squares and dark corridors."

Letícia Lampert - 拆 [chai]

拆 [chai]
by Letícia Lampert
80 pages, 21 x 15 cm
offset printing
edition of 200, signed and numberd
R$ 135 /international shipping included

"[chai] To demolish, to destroy, to dismantle: action scheduled to happen in large residential areas in Chinese cities such as Shanghai. The ideogram, sprayed on the walls, announces that soon nothing will remain. The recurrence and scale of these scenes astonishes the passersby, and amidst those debris, almost as a last breath, signs of private life, now exposed, invites us to fill those sites with invented memories while we still can witness them."

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17 October 2016

Anna Meschiari - Are We Alone?

Are We Alone?
Anna Meschiari
80 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm
Offset printing
200 copies + 25 special edition
24 € + shipping
special edition : 86 € + shipping

"The publication Are We Alone? is jointly based on a preparatory documentation to Mulhouse Biennale of Photography (Public Library of Mulhouse, 4.06 - 03.09.2016) and views of the exhibition, the first stage of an itinerant project. It comes in the form of an observation and investigation notebook (in the standard format of an A4 notebook) but also museum documentation of the current project. Beyond the iconographic material chosen for the exhibition of BPM, it offers a number of extensions to this work in progress. Glossy paper refers to the processes of the spectacular industry that probe, in part, this work of appropriation."

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16 October 2016

Various artists - Rooted12, no. 3

Rooted12, no. 3
by Jacob Byk, Lathan Goulas, Eric Ginnard, Ed Glazar, Isaac Smith, Daniel Brenner, and Nathan Pearce.
52 pp, 8.5" x 5.5" / 216 x 140 mm
Xerox printing
$7 + shipping

"Rooted12 Magazine just dropped our third issue. We are a zine focussed on supporting up-and-coming talent in the world of documentary photography. Each issue presents different images and stories from throughout the 12 Midwestern states in the US."

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Susanne M. Winterling - Photographs des buttes (Angle 14°)

Photographs des buttes (Angle 14°)
by Susanne M. Winterling
24 pages, 14,8 x 20 cm
Booklet, saddle stitched
Offset print
Published by Multiples
Edition of 360
€ 11 / free shipping

"Winterling has photographed a small group of people based in Paris. At the center of this group is an older intellectual named Alain, and with his small apartment as a main base they carry out an underground fellowship involving free thought with a philosophical approach to political and economic questions. The group documents its activity via camera and pen on various closed internet platforms."

Pascal Anders - CCTV

by Pascal Anders
40 pages, 16 images
13 x 20 cm, 5×8 inches
Color Offset printed
First edition of 100 copies

“CCTV features 16 portraits of video surveillance cameras.“

06 October 2016

Sanja Bistricic - 1.

by Sanja Bistricic
design by Jan Pavlovic
64 pages, 63 pictures, 21 cm x 14,8 cm
120 g/m2 maxi offset paper
Edition: 200 signed copies
Price: 15 €

"Sanja Bistričić's book "1" includes photos from her various professional projects and personal archive which were taken in a period from 2009 to 2014. The book is a mixture of fashion, documentary and art photography that not only records her recent work but focuses on the human body as a natural sculpture in its interaction with various natural and artificial environments."

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Michael Ast - a musing from the rocking dock

a musing from the rocking dock
by Michael Ast
74 pages, 21x14,8 cm
HP Indigo Print
Cover Paper - Gardapat Kiara 250 gr
Inside Paper - Gardapat Kiara 135 gr
Edition of 100
24,00 € + Shipping

"Michael Ast’s “a musing from the rocking dock” takes the viewer on an unabashed reverie through coastal landscapes, nude beaches, mountain plains and lakes, conflating both traveled terrain and vantage point."

03 October 2016

Chantal Rens - Kanada

by Chantal Rens
self-published / Pantofle Books
28 pages, 20,5 x 14,5 cm
photocopy (b&w) on coloured paper, different colour range in each book
softcover, staple bound
edition of 250, signed and numbered
€ 12 + shipping

"Collection of collages reproduced on coloured paper. Including (a.o.): 'Head and Shoulders', 'Pincode' and 'Common sense is a hungry bitch'."

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Fabrizio Musu - The Silence Between Darkness And Light

The Silence Between Darkness And Light
by Fabrizio Musu (photographs) & Lomìno (music)
15x21 cm, 60 pages, black&white
digital printing on 120gsm recycled paper
cover on 300gsm recycled paper
50 hand-numbered copies - each copy comes with additional cd soundtrack
13 € + shipping

"An intimate mapping of nonexistent places."

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28 September 2016

Hart+Lëshkina - Beyond the Clouds

Beyond the Clouds
By Hart+Lëshkina
Designed by Hideki Nakajima
Published by Total Visual Shop
Hardcover, Smyth sewn binding
96 pages, 72 color plates
19 x 26cm
Printed in USA. Full color offset
Edition of 500

"In their new book Beyond the Clouds, the photographic duo Hart+Lëshkina explore the many layers that comprise desire, longing, fragility and hope. With a book design by the acclaimed Japanese art director and graphic designer Hideki Nakajima, Hart+Lëshkina use such ephemeral materials as ice, snow, flowers and human detritus (nails, hair, teeth, bodily fluids) to allude to the transience of life. The pictures examine the human body burdened by its own impermanence, speaking to the most primal of human experiences: mortality, pain, elation and the desire for intimacy."

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Rachel Woroner - Excerpts from 2013

Excerpts from 2013
by Rachel Woroner
16 pages, linen soft cover
digital printing
15 CAD + shipping

"Excerpts From 2013 is a small collection of statements from an ex partner paired with my photography. A brief peek into some of the violence I’ve faced in our patriarchal society. This is a scrapbook, excerpts from my digital paper trail, an attempt to heal, re-grow, re-evaluate."

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Kenneth O'Halloran - Bing, Bing, Bong, Bong, Bing, Bing, Bing

Bing, Bing, Bong, Bong, Bing, Bing, Bing
by Kenneth O'Halloran
80 Pages, 38cm X 29cm
Offset printed
Hard Cover
Edition 500 (1-100 Signed Limited Edition with 10x12" Fine Art Print)
€38 plus shipping

"Bing, Bing, Bong, Bong, Bing, Bing, Bing is a study of the powerful and often visceral reaction of Americans who visit the Donald Trump Star at the renowned Hollywood Walk of Fame. "

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26 September 2016

Jean-Marc Caimi & Valentina Piccinni - Forcella - The Photographer's Cut

Forcella - The Photographer's Cut
by: Jean-Marc Caimi & Valentina Piccinni
size 21x15cm (8.5x6 inches) - 90 pages
Xerox printing on 150g Lana French raw surface paper
Edition:) #30 hand signed and numbered

"A personal and intimate account of the most violent and mafia ridden neighborhood of Naples, Italy, with the photographers who have been living there and got interwoven in the everyday social fabric of the area. The series has been entirely shot on film, using unobtrusive point and shoot cameras."

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Gummbah​ ​and Chantal Rens - Nobody Loves Me

Nobody Loves Me
(2nd improved edition)
by Gummbah​ ​and Chantal Rens
self-published / Pantofle Books
4​0​ pages, ​21​ x ​15​ cm
Offset printed, full color
staple bound
edition of 300
(first 100 ​copies ​signed, numbered​,​ gift wrapped​ and sold out)
€ 15 + shipping

"Collection of​ ​48​ ​polaroids​ showing​ ​people wearing handmade sweaters with apodictic slogans​. Including​: KARL MARX IS MY BITCH​, LIFE IS A MUST ​and​ ​EASY LIVING SUCKS COCK IN HELL​.​"

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Philippe Morillon - Day Dreaming / Night Clubbing

Day Dreaming / Night Clubbing
by Philippe Morillon
Additional contributors: the(M) éditions (Publisher), Les Graphiquants (Graphic designers)
96 pages, 25 cm x 31 cm
Edition: 140 copies
Price: 75€ (standard edition), 260 € (deluxe edition) + shipping

"The artist book is composed by three different elements : an illustrated soft cover album including 25 black and white unpublished pictures, an illustrated bandeau, a newspaper with the captions of the pictures and a French / English excerpt of Philippe Morillon’s diary of that time, and a bookmark with a preface by Pierre Bergé. The pictures are portraits of Philippe Morillon’s friends hanging out at the Palace or in other Parisian nightclubs in the 80s : Andy Warhol, Yves Saint Laurent, Inès de la Fressange, Edwige Belmore, Mick Jagger among others."


20 September 2016

Espen Gleditsch - Neues bauen

Neues bauen (Angle 13°)
by Espen Gleditsch
24 pages, 14,8 x 20 cm
Booklet, saddle stitched
Offset print
Published by Multipress
Edition of 360
€ 11 / free shipping

"Gledtisch's photo series takes its origin in the residential exhibition Weissenhofziedlung, opening in 1927 with Mies van der Rohe as artistic director. When the exhibition was to open several buildings were painted in bright and strong colors, but in the catalog the buildings were photographed in black-and-white, making the houses appear white. The press circulated the pictures, and the white facades became inextricably connected with modern architecture."

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19 September 2016

Toru - Party People

Party People
36 pages, A5
Black and White Digital Print
Inside Paper - Splendorgel Extra White 100 gr
Cover Paper -Splendorgel Extra White 300gr
Edition of 40, Numbered
All copies come with an A4 poster
7,00 € + shipping

"I went to my first Tecno Party when I was 13; I told my mother I was going to a small concert. I got on a train to the second largest city in the country. The same party lasted three days. During the five years following, I went to over 40 Techno Parties. They were the craziest years of my life!"

Gummbah - Busted

by Gummbah
self-published / Pantofle Books
108 pages, 19 x 13 x 0,8 cm
Offset printed, b&w, perfect binding
edition of 500 numbered and signed copies
€ 15 + shipping

"The illustrated story of the phlegmatic lawbreaker Jo van den A., Gummbah's late step-grandmother."

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12 September 2016

Mikiko Hara - Change

by Mikiko Hara
with a short story by Stephen Dixon
64 pages, 24.8 cm high x 18 cm wide (9.75 x 7 inches)
Offset printing
Edition: 500 copies + 26 copies w/ a limited edition prints
45 euros + shipping

Change, the first volume of The Gould Collection, interweaves Stephen Dixon’s short story Change with Mikiko Hara’s untitled photographs from 1996 to 2009.

"Isolation and social disconnect define both Dixon’s story and Hara’s photographs. Whether images of a bored mother and child on a Tokyo subway or dialogue that reveals missed social cues between neighbors, the people who inhabit the pages of Change try and often fail to genuinely interact with one another. Visually united through an inventive design that presents Dixon’s story on iridescent sheets interspersed between Hara’s color images, Change probes alienation and its role in contemporary life."

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Rick Hekman - Smile!

by Rick Hekman
16 pp., 5,2 x 3,1 cm (2,05 x 1,22 inch)16.
Inktjet printing, hand sewn with linen bookbinders thread
Cover, 160 gr Natural. Inside, 90 gr Natural.
Open edition
€ 10,- + shipping.

"For this little photo book I got inspired by my visit to Dordrecht, a small town in The Netherlands.
In big cities most of the people in the streets can be self centered, in a hurry or grumpy and you can feel anonymous sometimes. But when I visited Dordrecht almost everybody in the streets greeted me."

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Kai-Olaf Hesse - Sechsundzwanzig Fast Leere Strassen (Twentysix Almost Empty Roads)

Sechsundzwanzig Fast Leere Strassen (Twentysix Almost Empty Roads)
by Kai-Olaf Hesse
26 pages, 13,4 x 17,2 cm // 5,28 x 6,77 inches
Ultrachrome HDR inkjet on Hahnemühle 220gr/sqm Photo Rag©
Edition: 5 + 1 AP
350,- Euros

"Since the great success of Vingt-Six Stations Service, (featured in VARIOUS SMALL BOOKS – Referencing Various Small Books by Ed Ruscha in 2013, and also shown at the Gagosian Gallery NYC and Museum Brandhorst, Munich) Sechsundzwanzig Fast Leere Strassen is the latest edition of works by Kai-Olaf Hesse. 26 unique black and white images of almost empty roads photographed in the past couple of years throughout Germany explore the notion of the cinematic view through the windscreen of a car while driving."

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Chantal Rens - You run around town like a fool and you think that it's groovy

You run around town like a fool and you think that it's groovy
by Chantal Rens
self-published / Pantofle Books
100 pages, 28 x 20 x 0,9 cm
Softcover, leather look laminated
Offset printed, full color, perfect binding
edition of 500 numbered and signed copies
€ 25 + shipping

"100 reproduced collages from printed photograph representing a wide variety of wild and domesticated animals balancing on their backs glasses of wine, beer or schnapps."

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10 September 2016

Abby Banks - California Water Doodle

California Water Doodle
by Abby Banks
28 pages, full color
full color wax ink
Open edition
4.5 x5 in
$7 + shipping

"Made by Abby Banks over a two-month struggle with a painful spine injury 'California Water Doodle' is made up of watercolors and photography that urge us to enjoy our surroundings and make everyday an adventure. It is saturated with appreciation for the California landscape."

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Jordi Mustieles - Walking Shadows

Walking Shadows
by Jordi Mustieles
Layout: Marc Valls
14.8 × 21 cm (A5), 82 pages + covers
Digital print on coated glossy paper, 300/170 gsm, softcover, perfect-bound
Edition: 40 copies
 €19, shipping included

"39 photographs made in the streets of Barcelona during 2015 and 2016."

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Chris Neophytou - no one is anyone

no one is anyone
by Chris Neophytou
28 pages, saddle stitched
A5 (8.27 x 5.83 inches)
digital print, uncoated paper
edition of 50

"As I move through the city I often wonder about the people around me, who are they, what are their names, their jobs and where are they going? Sometimes however I think that no one is anyone and that the immortal crowd swallows every individual."

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Scott Grover and Justin Hunt - Essence In Balance

Essence In Balance
by Scott Grover and Justin Hunt
Self published
48 pages
Digital offset, hand bound (stab binding)
9” x 7”
Edition of 50

"As you look through this book, it is possible to believe you are gazing into eternity— you see the things that are inside you; the images captivate you, but still you drift off. Whenever a spiritual shift occurs, fragments like this resurface, and for a moment it all interlocks, but then a new pattern emerges in front of you, new always following the last. You are again in a dream, looking for a way out of the maze you’ve been convinced was created solely for you."

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29 August 2016

Julia Borissova - DOM (Document Object Model)

DOM (Document Object Model)
by Julia Borissova
Self published art book
Gatefold softcover, swiss brochure, hand-bound
48 pages including 12 four-panel gatefolds + 20 p. booklet
15 x 20 cm
Digital Print
Edition of 75, signed and hand numbered
The book will come with art. print 20 x 13 cm (3 different motifs, edition of 25 of each motif)
55 € + shipping 10 €

"For my project DOM I wanted to “grow” an image. My idea was to create a utopian version of of apartment buildings which I removed from their usual context and placed in other settings. I explored how our concept of home changes over time and transforms in connection with the place in which we live."

25 August 2016

Tomas Bachot - Those who eat fish from the cyanide lake improve their sex life

Those who eat fish from the cyanide lake improve their sex life
by Tomas Bachot
Design by Maria Mitcheva
Interviews by Roxi Pop & Tomas Bachot
204 pages, 165mm x 240mm
printed in full color offset on 80g Cyclus Offset Paper
edition: 500
24 €  (shipping not included)

"T: Do you think that the woman in the picture represents the area?
– No.
T: Why not?
– I think you took this picture in the country you come from and show it here."


13 August 2016

Fábio Miguel Roque - I found fireflies in my dream, talking to a strange, drunk and dead man!

I found fireflies in my dream, talking to a strange, drunk and dead man!
by Fábio Miguel Roque
Edit & Graphic Design: Peter Oey
62 pages, A5
HP Indigo Print, Perfect Bound
Edition of 50, Numbered & Signed
All books comes with a 10x15 cm signed print
The first 15 copies comes with an A3 Poster
15,00 €

"I'm a dreamer. Usually, I don't remember my dreams. When I actually remember them, it's not a good sign. This book is my interpretation of some of these dreams."

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Lewis Bush - City of Dust

City of Dust
by Lewis Bush
28 pages, 29 x 38cm
digital printing on newsprint
Edition: 150
£5 + shipping

"Viewing London as a memory palace, this series acts as prequel to my 2015 book Metropole. While Metropole examined the new face of a rapidly transforming metropolis, City of Dust documents the traces of what is being lost in the process and uses these images as the basis for an esoteric and highly personal history of the city."

12 August 2016

Sandra Köstler - Postsadness Taipei

Postsadness Taipei
by Sandra Köstler
142 pages, 23 x 28 cm (9.06 x 11.02 inches)
Digital printing on Condat Matt Perigord
Edition: 150
35 € + shipping

"Postsadness Taipei is a documentary project using photography and text to capture Taipei´s ongoing change in between an authoritarian past and an uncertain future. It explores how modernization and the dichotomies of change are reflected in the everyday life and urban fabric of contemporary Taipei."

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Jeffrey Déragon - Oui, nous avons la TV française

Oui, nous avons la TV française
by Jeffrey Déragon
82 pp, 7 x 9 in (17,8 cm x 22,9 cm)
HP Indigo Print
Edition: 200
25$ + shipping

"Oui, nous avons la TV française is a photo essay on a group of seasonal immigrants from Quebec (known as 'snowbirds') living in the small gated community of Broward County in Fort Lauderdale. Midway between documentary and fiction, this book presents itself as an investigation on the limits of the self-titled "Southern Myth", i.e. an idealized vision of the Orange State as a promised land and as a prerequisite to the ultimate bloom of the American-Quebecers’ dreams."

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09 August 2016

Zoltan Enevold - FOTOFUN


by Zoltan Enevold

96 pages
8.5 x 6.75 inches (21 cm x 14,8 cm)
Softcover, perfect binding

Offset printing
Edition: 120 copies (Self-published) 

9.50€ + shipping

“As actors through life, we use different masks and make-ups in order to build our own personality but many times they´re just roles or identities. 
Through a collection of photos I found on the street and black & white bitmapsof these photos I try to represent the search of our identity.”

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Julie Hascoët - 0892563672 CODE210516 CALAOPARTY

0892563672 CODE210516 CALAOPARTY
by Julie Hascoët
Publisher self-published / co-produced with Myzantrop Soundsystem
48 pages (photo leaflet + text leaflet), 130 x 167 mm
Digital printing on Munken print white 115g (for the photo leaflet) + Munken Lynx 80g (for the text leaflet)
Edition: 200
8€ + shipping

"This zine is about a 24h-illegal-techno-party that happened in an old nightclub, organized by 4 different sound systems, and is co-produced by one of them. This publication is part of a project called « Murs de l’Atlantique » (Atlantic walls) which offers visual dialogue between two phenomena: the visible remains of the German Atlantic Wall (bunkers, blockhaus) which cover the coastline of Brittany on a permanent basis; and the « free parties » (illegal techno parties) emerging spontaneously in the countryside and on the coast, before immediately disappearing. This project is translated into a series of photographs, installations and independent publications."

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30 July 2016

Tatyana Palyga and Alexander Bondar - Zoopark #1 Magazine

Zoopark #1 Magazine
by Tatyana Palyga and Alexander Bondar
34 pages, A4 size
Digital offset printing
Edition: 100 copies with texts in English + 50 copies with texts in Russian
20 € + shipping

"Zoopark Magazine is a collaborative project of two Russian photographers, Tatyana Palyga and Alexander Bondar. The project is based on dialog between photographs of the two authors including the interplay of meanings at the junction of photography, text and graphic art."

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27 July 2016

Cristobal Benavente - Blanco Roto

Blanco Roto
by Cristobal Benavente
Text by Ignacio Navas
Translation: Dario Quondamstefano
Design & layout: Caravanbook
Published by Caravanbook
Digital laser color print on cyclus paper 90 grs. (100% recycled)
10 eur + shipping costs

"Dear traveler, you are probably taking a rest from walking around the White Towns, thinking about their streets or a lovely dinner that you had in a bar. I am going to let you in a secret: There is a magical place in Andalusia, a place that finds you while you are drifting back to your memories (...)."

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Zoltan Enevold - From Batangas to Roxas

From Batangas to Roxas
by Zoltan Enevold
20 pages
8" x 8" (20 x 20 cm)
Softcover, stapled
Digital printing
Edition: 20  copies (Self-published)
3.90€ + shipping

“Temporarily suspended in time, sailing between islands, the ferry travelers look thoughtfuly at the sea, which transmits peace and unrest. Its immensity appeases and overwhelms at the same time.”

26 July 2016

Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson - Untitled (Newspaper)

Untitled (Newspaper)
By Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson
32 pages, 69 photographic illustrations, 40 x 56 cm/15,75, x 22,05 inches
Coldset Print
Edition of 2000

"As early as 1927, the artist László Moholy-Nagy predicted the illiterates of the future would be those without knowledge of photography. The project Untitled (Newspaper) addresses this issue by emphasizing the complicated relationship between creator, recipient and content. Consisting of archival materials recycled from online news sources over the past two years, the piece orchestrates a new context in which the various photographs can be interpreted separately and together in an unresolved narrative."

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Sergio Castañeira - Ciudad Sur

Ciudad Sur
by Sergio Castañeira
58 pages, A5
Softcover with red plastic cover, coated matt paper 150 g/m
Offset printing,
Edition: 1000
15€ + shipping

“It was not an image, nor a sound: it was only a rhythm that - from time to time - attempted to be both.  Only then I began to discover the city, which up until that moment had almost passed unperceived.” - Peter Handke

22 July 2016

Alexander Bondar - Warm Inside

Warm Inside
by Alexander Bondar
size:  A5, 64 pages
Digital offset printing
Edition 50, signed and numbered + 10 special edition with print
20 EUR + 3EUR shipping

"Illustrations in this book are based on photographs that were made in wintertime in the suburbs of Saint-Petersburg. High contrast in the images and elements of collage are used to make photographs more abstract and withdraw them further from the real life. Objects and human figures lose their individuality and become mere symbols that create some kind of a strange narrative."

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Anastasia Lobanova and Anna Block - Last Days of Snow

Last Days of Snow
by Anastasia Lobanova and Anna Block
40 pages + cover, 15 x 23 cm (approx.), 27 pictures
digital offset, 120g paper
manually stitched, numbered and signed by both authors
self-published, Moscow, 2016
edition 60
18€ including regular shipping with Russian Post (takes about 2 weeks to Europe)

"These pictures, like perpetual water flows, know no beginning and no end, they aim to inundate you. Instead of telling our story they draw you in so that you might see your own."

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Nat Urazmetova - Persimmon’s Fruit

The Persimmon’s Fruit
by Nat Urazmetova
120 pp, 165x232 mm
Hardback, Offset printing on 170gsm Munken Lynx paper
1st Edition of 250
 £25 + shipping costs

"The Persimmon’s Fruit is an intimate photographic essay by Nat Urazmetova. Depicting the author’s journey to Japan, it seeks the new sensibilities and subtler connections unfolding when imagery and poetry loop together in a book format. Rather than attempting to arrive at something descriptive and concrete, the book is instead trailing the elusive atmosphere, accentuating the beauty in imperfections and incompleteness, through light and shadow, contours and fragments, whispers and feelings."

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Ana Zaragoza - Cádiz, The Oldest City

Cádiz, The Oldest City
by Ana Zaragoza
Correction of texts: Roberto Villalón y Nacho Moreno
Design & layout: Caravanbook
Published by Caravanbook
Translation: Dario Quondamstefano
A6 size, 24 + 4 pages
Digital laser color print on Cyclus paper 90 grs. (100% recycled)
Price: 10 eur + shipping costs

"Cádiz is the Mermaid of the Ocean according to Byron. Venturing in the heart of the city is like walking back in time. Its walls, worn out by the weight of time, are a witness to historical milestones. From its harbour, Hannibal embarked on a quest to conquer Italy and Christopher Columbus set sails towards the discovery of the Indies. (...)"

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Christian Reister - DRIFTWOOD 2 | Amerika

DRIFTWOOD 2 | Amerika
by Christian Reister
60 b/w pages
14.8 x 21 cm / 5.83 x 8.27 inches
digital printing, saddle stitch 
Edition: 50
€ 40 + shipping
Note: Price is for the first 4 issues of Driftwood. Each will be shipped by the date of release
(2 published, 2 more to come)

"Notes from the road, May 22 - June 11, 2016"

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Nick Tauro Jr. - Saudade

by Nick Tauro Jr.
80 pages, 200 x 200 mm
HP Indigo Print
Paper: Couché mat 150g
Perfect Bound
22,00 € + shipping
Edition of 50, Numbered (30 regular edition copies and 20 special edition copies)

"The photographs in this book are the result of an artist residency that American photographer Nick Tauro Jr. completed in Portugal"

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06 July 2016

Pablo Casino - barespagnol

by Pablo Casino
80 pp, 16 x 25 cm /6.3 x 9.8 inches
HP Indigo printing
1st edition of 100
22 € + shipping costs

"Around 1970, the number of Spanish emigrants living in Brussels reached 30.000. The people of this colony started up, among other structures, more than one hundred bars and shops for Spaniards. Nowadays barely half a dozen of these places remain open, in which the pictures included in this book were taken."

Rusty Fox & Chong Hoi - Brutal

by Rusty Fox & Chong Hoi
288pages, 20x28cm
Offset printing
Edition of 300
Price £40 + Shipping

"We are Chong Hoi & Rusty Fox, photographers from Macao. We have recently published an experimental photo-book project incorporating design, electronic music, and poetry with our photography. We began this project with an Eastern philosophy, using a fable to represent our dystopian feeling of this world."

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